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WJS Ginza Café

WJS Ginza Café is “an evolutionary Café” where you can enjoy English conversation and meal delivery service. Various kinds of soft drinks, alcoholic beverages, Japanese and Western style sweets, sandwiches and other types of light food can be served. Spend your free time in a relaxing Japanese style atmosphere.

English Conversation Café

Basic Course Price (tax included)
Member’s Fee 21,600 yen
Trial Lesson Fee (45 minutes) 2,160 yen
Monthly Fee 17,280 yen

※Can be used as many times as you like per month but reserve your lesson in advance.
※Trial lesson can be taken by 1 person only 1 time. 15minutes of your trial lesson will be used for explanation of the style and flow of English lessons.
Other 30 minutes will be used as trial lesson.
※In case you will start attending English lessons from the middle of the month, member’s fee will be counted based on the number of days remaining to the end of the month.
※First monthly fee will be paid together with member’s fee. All following monthly fee will be paid one month in advance.
※Payment is made by bank transfer from account.
※In case you want to stop attending English lessons, let your teacher know at least in one month in advance.

Course for BeginnersWe will conduct interactive training with foreign lecturers using the basis of daily conversation materials.
By repeatedly doing so, you will acquire native pronunciation and excel everyday conversation.

Course for Intermediate Level StudentsWhile enjoying communication freely with foreign lecturers, you can steadily improve your English level.

※For more information please inquire in details.



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Business Hours 10:00-18:00
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