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We have a large variety of carefully selected items
made in Japan and only available in our store.

Products on display

SAKURA Glass (pair)

Chrysanthemum the Imperial Family crest and Sakura the national flower of Japan are used as motif for the glassware.
The radiant pink color and the blooming Sakura flowers fascinates and captures the heart of Japanese people.

SizeΦ8.5×H9cm 260ml
Box size18×9.2×9.7cm
 Soda glass
 Gift box included

Ise KATAGAMI Dish set

Be moved by the simple shape of those traditional Japanese plates.

SizeLarge dishΦ22.3×4cm、Small dishΦ10.2cm、
Box size23.7×23.7×12cm
 Porcelain, lid :Polypropylene
 Gift box included

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