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In WJS Ginza store you can order various types of traditional Japanese meals and drinks. Entertain your guests during your celebration parties or events in the comfort of a sumptuous Japanese atmosphere.

Party Plan

Party plan service to entertain your guests and VIP from abroad is available at our WJS Ginza store.
You may enjoy various culture experience in our facility as well as various meal plans as listed below.
Prior reservation is required

Food Menu

Sushi Selection

  • sushi japanese tokyo

    Standard Nigiri Sushi Selection Menu 8 pcs 1,980 yen

    (tuna, squid, salmon, sardine, tamago egg, sweet shrimp, salmon roe, scallop Vieira)

  • sushi japanese ginza

    High Quality Nigiri Sushi Selection Menu 9 pcs 2,480 yen

    (fatty tuna, yellow tail, salmon, sardine, tamago egg, sweet shrimp, salmon roe, scallop Vieira)

  • sushi tokyo japan

    Excellent Nigiri Sushi Selection Menu 10 pcs 3,480 yen

    (fatty tuna,red tuna, yellow tail, ark shell, crab, urchin, salmon roe, tamago egg, sweet shrimp, salmon roe, Edomae conger eel)

  • tuna japan wifi

    Excellent Quality Assorted Tuna 2,980 yen

※Selection of fish may vary based on the fish market and store stock

Tempura Selection

  • tempura japan tokyo
    • Sea Food and Vegetable Tempura 2 servings 1,980 yen
      (shrimp, Sillago fish, vegetables)
    • Conger Eel Tempura 2 servings 2,000 yen
      (conger eel, green pepper)
    • Japanese Tiger Prawn Tempura 2 servings 2,400 yen
      (Tiger prawns)

Unagi (Japanese Eel)

  • Unaju tokyo japan

    (broiled eel served over rice in a lacquered box )

    • Ume 3,000 yen
    • Take 4,000 yen
    • Matsu 5,000 yen
  • eels tokyo japan wifi

    Spitchcock Eels (grilled without seasonings)

    • Ume 4,000 yen
    • Take 5,000 yen
    • Matsu 6,000 yen

■ WJS Ginza provides meal delivery service to the store.

※We have a wide selection of alcoholic and nonalcoholic beverages. Alcoholic beverages can be purchased only in bottles.

※Please call or use the inquiry form to make a reservation. In case of meal delivery, we charge only the actual expenses.

Alcoholic Beverages Menu

Soft Drinks  Menu

※All prices are tax excluded.

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Business Hours 10:00-18:00
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