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Rental space

You can rent a room in WJS Ginza.
Entertain your guests during your celebration parties in a sumptuous Japanese atmosphere.

Whole area
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6 tatamis room
japanese rental room
3 tatamis room
japanese rental


Short Time Plan

  Usage Time/Room 3 Mats 6 mats Total
Basic Charge 2 Hours 20,000円 32,000円 48,000円
Extended Fee 1 Hour 12,000円 19,200円 28,800円
Example 3 Hours 32,000円 51,200円 76,800円
  4 Hours 44,000円 70,400円 105,600円
  5 Hours 56,000円 89,600円 134,400円
  6 Hours 68,000円 108,800円 163,200円
  7 Hours 80,000円 128,000円 192,000円

Long Term Plan

    3 Mats 6 Mats Total
Basic Charge 6 Hours 58,000円 92,000円 150,000円
Extended Fee 1 Hours 12,000円 19,200円 28,800円
Example 7 Hours 70,000円 111,200円 178,800円
  8 Hours 82,000円 130,400円 207,600円
The room rental is only available upon reservation. Please call us or use the inquiry form to make a reservation.
Please be aware that even if you rent the whole area, the money exchange and WiFi rental counters as well as the meeting room (G&P Bank) will be used as usual for business purpose. Thank you for your understanding.

■ Meal delivery service to the store available

※Drinks, including alcohol are available at the drink corner in the facility.
※Please make reservations from the telephone or inquiry form when you do delivery. In the case of delivery, the fee will be actual expenses.

For the food and drinks menu, please take a look at the page below.



rental space tokyo
rental space ginza
rental space
rental space
rental space
rental space
rental space
rental space

This service is available for:

  • ● Receiving foreign dignitaries
  • ● Holding social gatherings or parties
  • ● TV programs or commercials shootings
  • ● Holding a variety of workshops such as flower arrangements or language lessons
  • ● Photo shootings
  • ● Japan themed events
  • ● Holding even short events in a luxurious place.
  • ● Holding events in an original place.

Party plan

Kaiseki Cuisine

               Enjoy Traditional Japanese Kaiseki Bentos, available for order with room rental.

※Stock may vary based on market and store stock.

※All prices are tax excluded.

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Business Hours 10:00-18:00
Closed on Sunday(Reservation-only)