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Introduce the frequently asked questions.

FAQ List

  • Do I need to pay an entrance fee ?
    No, there is no entrance fee. Everyone can come and enjoy the ambience of our Japanese garden. However, if you wish to take a Japanese culture experience course or eat or drink, you will have to pay the corresponding price.
  • Do I need to make a reservation ?
    As a general rule we request customers to make the reservation for Japanese culture experience courses at least three days in advance. *You can also take basic courses without reserving. In that case, the staff will take care of the course instead of the certified instructor.
  • Are there other cultural experiences available, apart from those shown on the site ?
    Yes, there are other cultural experiences available on site, apart from the tea ceremony, calligraphy and kimono. Please contact us for more information.
  • Can your services be used by Japanese people as well ?
    Of course, Japanese people are welcome as well. The store is meant for foreign tourists but Japanese people can aslo come and enjoy the place.
  • Which currencies are available for money exchange ?
    We handle foreign currencies from 40 countries. We have them in stock, so if you order them before coming, the exchange procedure will be easier.
  • Which company operates the money exchange service ?
    G&P service operates the money exchange service.The company is member of the 7 holdings group, which founded WJS Ginza.
  • In which languages are the services available ?
    The services are available in Japanese, English, Chinese, French, German and Malay. Please let us know if you need translation in another language.
  • What about the travel information ?
    We decided to focus on the sightseeing spots and information about shops (souvenirs, restaurants, duty-free shops etc) around Ginza area. We also have prepared an original map of Ginza for our foreign customers.
  • I have food allergies. Can I use your services anyway ?
    Please inform us about any allergy or condition you have when using our catering service or making a reservation for the tea ceremony, as Japanese sweets will be served.
  • Do I need to pay a fee to use the Japanese-style rooms ?
    If you wish to use them as a dining room with our catering service, or as a meeting room or to hold your workshops, you will have to pay a fee. Please contact us for more information.
  • For what purpose can the WJS facility be used for ?
    You can use the facility for your video or photo shootings or as a reception hall for example. Please contact us for more information.
  • Partnerships / Business matching
    If you are considering working together with our store, please contact us by using the inquiry form.
  • Is there a parking area nearby ?
    We recommend to park in the “west Ginza parking lot” which has a capacity of 800 cars and is close to the building.It will be approximately a 3 minutes walk from the parking lot.
  • Is it possible to eat and drink in the store ?
    Yes, it is. You can also relax and rest in the tatami rooms or resting areas.Drinks are available at the store counter and we can arrange for sushi catering.
  • Is smoking prohibited in the store ?
    No, there is a designated smoking area in the store.
  • Is there any discount ?
    There are discount coupons available in many shops in Ginza. You can use them when you come to our store.