Experience Japanese Traditions at WJS Ginza

WJS Ginza
Welcome Japan Support

money exchange、Wifi、tax-free

Business Hours
Weekdays 10:00-18:00
Closed on Saturday & Sunday

About the store

Here are information about the WJS Ginza store. Visit us and experience Japanese traditions.
Our shop is a perfect reservation system.

About the store

Name WJS (Welcome Japan Support) Ginza
Opening March 1, 2016
Operating company Inc. 7 Holdings
URL http://welcomejapan.jp/ginza_en/
Address 7th Floor, New Ginza Building No.6 5-5-7 Ginza, Chuo-ku,
Tokyo 104-0061
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The person coming by car

Accommodation number is 800 “Nishi-ginza parking lots” of the Ginza area maximum scale around here.
3 minutes on foot I’ll recommend to you.

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WJS Ginza Property photos

Outdoor images

WJS Ginza Property photos
WJS Ginza Property photos

Indoor images

WJS Ginza Property photos
WJS Ginza Property photos
WJS Ginza Property photos

Other Property photos are delivered every day on Facebook and Twitter. We will certainly give me a follow-up.

Floor map

tokyo ginza Floor map
  • ①6 tatamis room
    rental space
    This is the 6 tatamis (9,9m²) Japanese-style room where the tea ceremony and calligraphy courses take place. The Japanese-style room opens on to the Japanese garden.
  • ②3 tatamis room
    rental room
    This is the 3 tatamis (4,9m²) Japanese-style room where the Sensei will assist you in dressing up in a kimono. The Japanese-style room opens on to the Japanese garden.
  • ③Souvenirs and gifts corner
    Souvenir japan
    We have items made by Japanese craftsmen available for sale in our store, such as traditional Japanese glassware.
  • ④Money exchange counter
    money exchange tokyo
    We handle 40 foreign currencies. Exchange your money in next to no time.
  • ⑤Meeting room
    japanese room
    You can hold business meetings or negotiations in this luxurious room.
  • ⑥Japanese garden
    exchange counter
    We designed the store to resemble a real Japanese garden. By just walking into the store, you will be able to enjoy a true Japanese atmosphere. When dressing up in a kimono, you can take pictures in the garden.
  • ⑦Rest space
    japan rental
    If you feel tired, come to our store and take a break. Feel free to ask for some tea or order a drink from the menu.
  • ⑧Balcony
    ginza wifi rental
    On the well-arranged graveled balcony, you can take a look at the bonsai. It also serves as a smoking area.