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Money Exchange(Telephone reservation required)

In Japan, foreign money exchange at the airport and the bank has the highest handling charge.
At WJS, we offer the best rate in Japan and the cheapest handling charge.We also exchange coins of money we handle.
*Commission of the coin will be dealings with 50% of our rate.
※Please call us before you visit.

Handling currency

money exchange tokyo japan
Today’s rate is this.

5 reasons to choose WJS Ginza for your money exchange.

  • ● We have the lowest handling charges and the best rates in Japan.
  • ● Because we are experts in handling wealth and trading gold, our exchange rates are accurate and reliable.
  • ● We buy many foreign currencies.
  • ● We handle coins and small amount of money as well.
  • ● Our store is situated in the shopping district and is easy to find.

Why you should choose our store for your money exchange.

  • ● You came to travel to Japan and also want to be able to experience Japanese culture and traditions.
  • ● You have no money left and want to do money exchange before shopping.
  • ● You are going back home but you have still money left.
  • ● You are going to travel overseas and want to do money exchange.
  • ● You are looking for handling charges cheaper than those applied at Narita Airport or at banks.
  • ● You went overseas and have some coins left.

You want to exchance foreign currency to Japanese yen.

In recent years, the number of people in Japan going on business trip or vacation overseas has been increasing. It is then necessary to get the country’s money but handling charges applied at airports or at banks are very expensive. Moreover only few places in Japan enable to do money exchange on the spot with low handling charges and a good rate. At WJS Ginza, we apply low handling charges and a good exchange rate. Because we have the best money exchange rate in Japan, Japanese people can also feel free to come and use our services.

Do you have some foreign currency coins at home ?

Currently, it is impossible to exchange foreign currency coins in Japan.
Furthermore, if you add up the sum of all the foreign currency coins you have, you might find that you have quite a lot of money you cannot use. The best thing to do would be to go back to this foreign country to use the money you have left, but you may not have such an opportunity again. If you have some foreign currency coins left, you can use the money exchange service available at WJS Ginza.