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Owl Café HOHO

[Cafe] Owl Café HOHO (www.cafe-hoho.com)

tokyo owl cafe

owl cafe tokyo

Have a relaxing and ticklish time with these cute little owls.

There is a little owl café about 3 min walk from Takadanobaba station (Tozai line, Yamanote line).The shop is located underground and at first glace it looks like a normal café until you see some large birds behind a glass room.

You need to order at least one item on the menu (cakes, teas, etc) and can spend as much time as you want in the shop. If you order the cake and tea set, you are entitled to a free 10 min session with the owls.

The session was fun and a bit scary because the two large owls at the back kept trying to peck my fingers when I tried to touch them.At the end of the session, the shop staff will let one of the owls rest on your shoulder and head for you to take photos. It was a bit ticklish for me but I enjoyed every moment of it.

Did you know that owls are becoming pets in Japan? A tiny little owl can cost from ¥200,000 to the price of a car! Owls can live 10-40 years depending on species and size, mostly nocturnal but sleeps on and off during the day. They don’t need much space and can live in a tiny apartment as long as you feed them meat (worms, mice, etc) preferably fresh live ones but you can opt to buy these online and have it shipped to you frozen and ready to be eaten.