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Japanese Tea Ceremony

In a Japanese-style room, learn the manners of the Ura-Senke tea ceremony from the Sensei and enjoy making your own tea. This ceremony is a 500 years old Japanese tradition.

Flow chart

  • STEP1

    Watch the sensei prepare your tea and eat your Japanese sweets when it is served.

  • STEP2

    Listen to the explanation about the various utensils used and manners on how to properly drink Japanese tea.

  • STEP3

    After you finish your drink, you will be given a Japanese tea set so you can try making your own tea. Once you have finished preparing your tea, eat the sweets and drink your tea.


teaceremony japanese tea

Price list

CourseThe charge/hour
Basic course9,000 yen(tax excluded)/45 minutes

※The equipment charge used on the day is also included in the above charge.
A tea ceremony experience is a reservation system. Please make a reservation from the telephone and the question form.
※ We require 24 hours prior notice to the reservation for any cancellations. Otherwise, within 24 hours a cancellation fee of 100% will be charged.

Lecturer introduction

Soryo Nakatogawa

2002 Tea ceremony Ura-Senke guide
2015 Brown great reception and full-time lecturer Qualification acquisition
I’d like to make time to feel the air which was made dignified in the space cut off and the inside with to pass and to be silent time and bring a heart to nothing daily life as a tea-ceremony room importantly.
I hope when the trigger which can have a lot of people touch culture of a tea ceremony and spirit can be proposed and am active.

Soei Fukazawa

1990 Received certification as full time instructor for Japanese tea ceremony
2001 Received certification as associate professor for Japanese tea ceremony
2011 Received award for school tea ceremony professor
Japanese tea ceremony is a tradition that emphasizes thoughtfulness and instill beliefs that each encounter with people only happens once in a lifetime. Therefore, one should cherish every encounter and be the best one can for the other person. Through Japanese tea ceremony I will do my best to convey Japanese culture and tea ceremony customs to participants.

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