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Rice Cake Pounding 

Rice cake pounding (Mochitsuki) is a popular Japanese tradition and anybody can join this experience including friends, family or coworkers.

 Flow Chart

  • STEP1


    Explanation and preparation of all ingredients. Choose your flavor of rice cake toppings.

  • STEP2

    Rice Cake Pounding

    Mixing, pounding, turning and forming rice into delicious rice cakes.

  • STEP3

    Enjoy Eating Your Handmade Rice Cakes

    Enjoy eating your handmade rice cakes with tea in our Japanese tatami room or Japanese garden.

  • STEP4

    Take Out

    If there are any rice cakes left, we will prepare for you take out.

Price List

※Reservations available for a minimum of 2 customers.

Course Name Included
Price per Person Course Time
Kimono Rental-90 minutes ¥15,000 90 minutes
Yukata Rental-90 minutes ¥12,000 90 minutes
Furisode or Hakama-90minutes ¥19,000 90 minutes
Kimono Rental-1 Day ¥25,000 1 Day(10:00~18:00)
Yukata Rental-1 Day ¥17,000 1 Day(10:00~18:00)
Furisode or Hakama Rental-1 Day ¥30,000 1 Day(10:00~18:00)
Add on Calligraphy +¥7,500 +45 minutes
Tea Ceremony +¥7,500 +45 minutes
Tea Ceremony ¥9,000 60 minutes
Calligraphy Room ¥9,000 60 minutes
Rice Cake Pounding ¥9,000 60 minutes
Karate Course at Ginza Shop ¥15,000 60 minutes
Karate Course at Dojo ¥12,000 60 minutes
Add on Skills Showcase +¥1,500 +10 minutes
Board-Breaking +¥1,000 +10 minutes
Uniform Rental +¥1,500 +10 minutes

※Price per 1 Person.
※Excludes Sales tax.
※The equipment charge used on the day is also included in the above charge.
A tea ceremony experience uses a reservation system. Please make a reservation by the telephone or the question form.
※ We require minimum 24 hours prior notice to the reservation for any cancellations. Otherwise, within 24 hours a cancellation fee of 100% will be charged.
※ Payment should be made in advance.( If you are from overseas, please contact us in advance regarding transfer.)

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A reservation is necessary. In order to make a reservation, please call us or fill in the online application form.

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