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Rice Cake Pounding 

Rice cake pounding (Mochitsuki) is a popular Japanese tradition and anybody can join this experience including friends, family or coworkers.

 Flow Chart

  • STEP1


    Explanation and preparation of all ingredients. Choose your flavor of rice cake toppings.

  • STEP2

    Rice Cake Pounding

    Mixing, pounding, turning and forming rice into delicious rice cakes.

  • STEP3

    Enjoy Eating Your Handmade Rice Cakes

    Enjoy eating your handmade rice cakes with tea in our Japanese tatami room or Japanese garden.

  • STEP4

    Take Out

    If there are any rice cakes left, we will prepare for you take out.

Price List

Course Name Included
Wearing Yukata Photo Shoot Video Shoot Price per Person Course Time
Kimono Rental-90 minutes ¥15,000 90 minutes
Yukata Rental-90 minutes ¥12,000 90 minutes
Furisode or Hakama-90minutes ¥19,000 90 minutes
Kimono Rental-1 Day ¥25,000 1 Day
Yukata Rental-1 Day ¥17,000 1 Day
Furisode or Hakama Rental-1 Day ¥30,000 1 Day
Add on Calligraphy +¥7,500 +45 minutes
Tea Ceremony +¥7,500 +45 minutes
Tea Ceremony ¥9,000 60 minutes
Calligraphy Room ¥9,000 60 minutes
Rice Cake Pounding ¥9,000 60 minutes
Karate Course at Ginza Shop n/a ¥15,000 60 minutes
Karate Course at Dojo n/a ¥12,000 60 minutes
Add on Skills Showcase n/a +¥1,500 +10 minutes
Board-Breaking n/a +¥1,000 +10 minutes
Uniform Rental +¥1,500 +10 minutes

※Price per 1 Person.
※Excludes Sales tax.
※The equipment charge used on the day is also included in the above charge.
A tea ceremony experience uses a reservation system. Please make a reservation by the telephone or the question form.
※ We require minimum 24 hours prior notice to the reservation for any cancellations. Otherwise, within 24 hours a cancellation fee of 100% will be charged.

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