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Photo Service – Tadory

Tadory is a private photo shoot service.
Taking ‘selfies’ is also great, but wouldn’t you agree that there is a limit to the range of pictures that can be taken this way? Leave the pictures that become important family memories to Tadory! This service will make the memories of your Japanese trip more vivid and enjoyable.

Price list

Spot session

4,000 Yen per person/20 min


Unlimited number of pictures taken,

(5 produced)

Long Session

30,000 Yen group/2 h

Inside the Tokyo City area

(Outside Tokyo + 3,000 Yen)
Unlimited number of pictures taken,

(10 produced)


  • STEP1


    Choosing the plan of the photo shoot (Spot or Long session)

  • STEP2

    Confirming the Details:

    Indoor photo shoot: we will ask you what kind of pictures you want to take beforehand.

    Outdoor photo shoot: confirming the location of the photo shoot.

  • STEP3

    Delivery of the Data:

    Data will be handed over to you on Google Drive within 1 week.

    If you choose an optional service of creating a photo album, we will send it to you as soon as it is done.