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We offer karate initiation lessons.
Learn the basics of Karate with a 3 time consecutive Japan National Karate Tournament champion as your instructor. Experience Japanese martial arts by performing the movements and immersing yourself in the true way of Japanese Karate.

Flow Chart

  • STEP1

    Karate Uniform (Dôgi) Dressing (about 3 minutes)

    Students participating to the Karate class will actually wear a Karate uniform.We will teach you how to wear it.

  • STEP2

    Greetings (about 3 minutes)

    The instructor will begin the explanations with the Kyokushin way of greetings, called “Osu”.The greetings consist in crossing your arms by the side of your ears and bending firmly. Before the training begins, we will take some time to explain how to sit straight to those who are not familiar to this posture.

  • STEP3

    Greetings at the Beginning (about 1 minute)

    The students will greet each other after sitting straight for a while and meditating.

  • STEP4

    Warm Up (about 5 minutes)

    We will do a basic warm up. Jumping, stretching, warming up the joints and the neck, etc.

  • STEP5

    Basic Training (about 15 minutes)

    During the basic training we will use the sanchin-dachi stance, therefore we will begin with practicing this movement. (Because this movement may seem a bit complicated to beginners, we will also teach an easier version where they just have to place their feet shoulders width apart). You can choose one to two movements out of four (thrusting technique, backfist, knifehand strike, receiver of technique) and the instructor will teach you how to perform them. You will then choose two kick techniques and learn how to perform them as well.

  • STEP6

    Self-defense (about 5 to 10 minutes)

    The instructor will teach you one or two simple self defense techniques. In the Kyokushin style of Karate, deep breathing is an important part of the self-defense movements, so in order to teach you the movements, you will perform this part of the class in pairs.

  • STEP7

    Hitting on Mitts (about 10 minutes)

    You will be able to perform simple thrust and kick movements on mitts.You will use the techniques you just learnt by hitting on mitts.

  • STEP8

    End Greetings

    The class will end with the Kyokushin style end greetings which consist in performing a ten punches thrusting technique.


  • Board
  • Karate uniform (Dôgi)
  • Kimono sash

※You can bring your own Karate uniform if you have one.

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Price List

Course Price/Hour
Basic Course ¥9,000 (tax excluded)/ 60 minutes

※Price is inclusive of tools and materials used in the session.
※A reservation is necessary. To make a reservation, please call us or fill in the online application form.

Lecturer Introduction

Masaki Fujii

He was born in Tokyo in 1990.
He is a black belt (Ni-dan) Japanese full contact karate player.
He is 182 cm tall and weighs 106 kg.
He is a member of Ôi-Chô Dojo of Jônan-Ôi-Chô division.
This division is led by Hatsuo Rozan,
a master of Kyokushin Karate and current director of
the Kyokushin-kan International Honbu of the International Karate Organization (IKO).
He won the 8th All Japan Karate Championships open tournament (Kyokushin category), heavy weight class.
2013 He finished second at the world open Kyokushin Karate championship hosted by Kyokushin World Union (KWU), 95 kg super-class. (Host country : Bulgaria)
2012 He won the All Japan Karate Championships (Kyokushin category), 89 kg super-class.
2009 He participated in the World Weight Category karate Championships (Host country : Hungary, Kyokushin category) as Japan’s representative. He also graduated from Kantô Gakuin High School.
2011 He went for two years and a half to New Zealand as an exchange student and when he came back to Japan, he started devoting himself to Karate.
2015 November. He is now the 3rd time consecutive Japan National Karate Tournament champion, Kyokushin category.


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A reservation is necessary. To make a reservation, please call us or fill in the online application form.

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