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Take a rickshaw tour in Tokyo’s famous district Asakusa.Enjoy a comfortable guided tour around Asakusa and discover its temple and history with a well versed and eloquent guide.

Price List

Course Price/Time
Basic Course 

 11,000 yen per one ride (tax excluded)/

40 min 

Flow Chart

  • STEP1

    First, contact the store and make an appointment.

    Reservations available between 9am and 6pm.※May vary depending on the season.

  • STEP2

    Come to WJS Ginza store at least one hour before the schedulded time.

  • STEP3

    Purchase a rickshaw ride ticket.

  • STEP4

    Go to Asakusa using the access map.

  • STEP5

    Go to the pick up point and hand the ticket to the driver holding the welcome board. Enjoy your ride.


  • Rickshaw experience

    Ride a Rickshaw and Explore the Best Places in Asakusa

    The basic course will focus on Asakusa’s temple and take approximately 40 minutes. Ride a comfortable rickshaw, listen to the drivers talk about charming places in Asakusa and enjoy a unique travel experience.

    Typical Route
    Kaminarimon⇒Sensoji Temple⇒Hanayashiki⇒Asakusa Geisha District⇒Best place to view Tokyo Sky Tree⇒Kaminarimon

  • Rickshaw Asakusa

    Souvenir Pictures

    The rickshaw driver will take pictures of you at the most beautiful spots during the rickshaw tour. You can also ask him to take pictures with your personal camera, of course free of charge. Those unique snapshots will surely make wonderful souvenirs.

  • Rickshaw experience

    Get the Best of Japan with thoroughly Trained Drivers

    Our drivers have to go through a strict recruitment process and a one month training followed by an examination to be allowed to drive and serve as guides. Get to experience Japan’s courtesy and manners, and learn everything you didn’t know about Asakusa with our well versed and eloquent drivers.

Pick-up Point

The pick-up point is in front of the police station next to Kaminarimon. There is a lane reserved for rickshaw (parking) right in front of Kaminarimon. The rickshaw driver will be waiting for you at the schedulded time in front of Kaminarimon and will accompany you to the rickshaw parking lane.


The rickshaws are all equipped with a roof and covers to protect you from the rain, so you don’t need to worry about getting wet. However, if the rickshaw driver considers that it would be difficult to run due to the bad weather, he can refuse to run.
Reservations are available between 9am and 6pm.
May vary depending on the season.

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Jinrikisha Co., Ltd.

URL: http://kuruma8.jp/

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A reservation is necessary. To make a reservation, please call us or fill in the online application form. 

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Business Hours 10:00-18:00
Closed on Sunday (Reservation-only)