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Japanese Rice Wine Tasting

Japanese liquor nihonshu is know as sake. We provide an opportunity to try different types of Japanese rice wine. In the comfort of a sumptuous Japanese atmosphere, you will surely be able to enjoy three popular brands of Japanese nihonshu.

Flow Chart

  • STEP1


    The staff will explain to you the particularities of each Japanese rice wine.

  • STEP2

    Japanese Rice Wine Tasting

    Taste the different sort of Japanese rice wine and compare their differences.

Price List

Basic Course/ 3 bottles of Japanese Rice Wine (each 180 ml)  2,400 yen per person/1 hour

Introduction to the Different Types of Japanese Rice Wines

Japan’s Three Famous Types of Nihonshu

Nihonshu also known as sake is made from fermented rice. It is not just a drink, it is a way to immerse yourself into Japanese culture, lifestyle and historical background. WJS Ginza offers tasting of three popular kinds of nihonshu.

  • Japanese Rice Wine Suigei Special Junmaishu

    Suigei Special Junmaishu is made in Kochi prefecture and the rice is polished to 55%. This pure rice sake carries Suigei`s distinct acidity and has breadth as well as sharpness.
  • Japanese Rice Wine Special Junmaishu Kiipon Urakasumi

    Junmaishu Kiipon Urakasumi is produced in Miyagi prefecture. It is made from locally harvested Sasanishiki rice, polished to 60%. Acidity is just in a great balance with taste of rice.
  • Japanese Rice Wine Daishichi Junmai Kimoto

    Daishichi Junmai Kimoto is produced in Fukushima prefecture. Polishing rate of rice is 69%. Full maturation creates a perfect alignment of rich flavors and acidity, with a fresh clean aftertaste.

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