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Traditional Japanese Martial Arts(Iaijutsu)

Since it does not include intense exercise or exchanging blows, this type of martial arts can be enjoyed by all ages and genders. Learning Iai is good for your health, diet, and general fitness.


Flow Chart

  • STEP1

    Putting on Training Clothes

    Training clothes and traditional Hakama will be provided for attendees. We will teach you how to wear them.

  • STEP2

    Greetings and Manners

    You will learn the proper greetings, the names of the swords, and training terms used in Iaido.

  • STEP3

    Basic Preparation

    You will learn the defense position, correct posture and compact use of the body.

    The purpose of this training is to increase the flexibility of your mind and body by twisting, turning and extending your joints.

  • STEP4

    Iaijutsu Guidance

    Using a wooden sword you will learn how to “draw, hold, swing and sheathe the sword” which are the basics of Iai

  • STEP5

    Practicing Iaijutsu

    You will perform the steps you have learnt during guidance using a practice Iai sword.

    You can also record the experience with your smart phone or camera.

  • STEP6


    Combining of the traditional martial arts and a pleasant feeling: a session to improve your inner sense “Ki” will be performed. ※Only for those interested

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Price List

Course Charge/ Time
Basic Course 9 000 yen (tax excluded)/ 60 minutes

※ The above mentioned charge includes fee for equipment used in the session.
※ In case that cancellation is done within 24 hours, 100% of the fee will be charged. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Lecturer Introduction

橋本 幸憲 Yukinori Hashimoto

Born in 1978, Yamaguchi prefecture
Height: 168cm Weight: 55kg

Black belt (Ni-dan), Karate training – 20 years, traditional martial arts training – 11 years.
Manager at the Mizunokuchi martial arts association.
After graduating high school, he began Karate training and after receiving the black belt started practicing traditional martial arts that use weapons, such as Iai.
By using traditional Japanese martial arts, he is teaching a way to refine the Japanese mind and body, in Kawasaki city.

Martial arts association: http://enshirou.web.fc2.com/
Blog: http://ameblo.jp/nz-masaki-90/


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