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Learn the basics of Japanese character (Kanji) writing with a professional calligraphy instructor. Choose your favorite character and the Sensei will teach you how to write it with a Japanese brush. In a Japanese-style room with tatami, enjoy the scent of freshly made ink and the charm of monochrome drawings. Experience the essence of Japanese traditions and culture by learning calligraphy.

Flow Chart

  • STEP1

    Choosing a Japanese Character.

    Before starting, a staff will show you some samples of Japanese characters (Kanji) you can write during calligraphy class. The name and meaning of the Kanji will be explained.

  • STEP2

    Writing Instructions.

    There will be an instruction sheet on the table, which the Sensei will use to explain how to use the brush, prepare the ink and how to write Japanese characters. (10 minutes).

  • STEP3


    The Sensei will show you how to write the Japanese character you have chosen. (5 minutes).

  • STEP4

    Start Writing

    Try to imitate the Sensei’s writing. You will be given 2 pieces of paper to practice. Once you are confident, you can then write you Japanese character on the final paper, which is a decorated card. (25 minutes).

  • STEP5

    Final Seal.

    When you have finished writing your Japanese character, the Sensei will affix her name seal on your card. You may take pictures in the room or with the Sensei if you wish. (5 minutes).


  • Writing brush
  • Paperweight
  • Ink
  • Ink stone
  • Desk pad
  • Japanese writing paper

※You may bring you own tools if you wish.

Photo Gallery

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Price List

Course Price/Time
Basic Course ¥9,000 (tax excluded)/ 45 minutes

※Price is inclusive of tools and materials used in the session.
※A reservation is necessary. To make a reservation, please call us or fill in the online application form.

Lecturer Introduction 

Marin Ebina

From the age of 3 years, she started learning calligraphy at
Ms. Reiko Nakagawa’s calligraphy class.
Since then she has won many prizes at various contests.
During her junior and high school years,
she belonged to a calligraphy club and studied under Mr. Yuujin Nakagawa.
At the age of 20, she obtained her certification and
graduated from Tamagawa University. Currently, she is teaching at various primary schools around Yokohama area.

Tsuji Essen

Tsuji Essen

Since her childhood she has been familiar with an art of calligraphy as her grandfather and mother were calligraphers. She has studied calligraphy at Japanese Calligraphy Art Institute and obtained her certification. In Tokyo, she has been spreading the charm of calligraphy at various international schools and Japanese language schools to students from different nationalities and ages.

Ayane Konno

She was born in Saitama prefecture in 1979.
At a young age, she won many prizes at calligraphy exhibitions and contests,
and later chose to major in classical calligraphy in school. In 2005,
she founded A. i Handwritten Design company.
In 2008, she joined Japan Design Calligrapher’s Association (JDCA).
She is now the mother of two children.
She also creates and designs for magazine, TV program titles, product labels, and store logos.

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A reservation is necessary. To make a reservation, please call us or fill in the online application form.

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