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money exchange、Wifi、tax-free

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Weekdays 10:00-18:00
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Company profile

“All stays in Japan to the foreigner are supported.”
I’ll offer all service to a mission.

With WJS (Welcome Japan Support)

Welcome Japan Support

WJS will continue to enhance the service to be more useful in Japan .
The needs everybody of a foreigner asks are investigated because I have substantiality spend a life in Japan, and it provides services of it. This, we, to foreigner’s customer, you’re entertaining.

WELCOME JAPAN SUPPORT wifi money exchange

WJS will continue to enhance the service to be more useful in Japan .

Wi-Fi Rental
When coming to Japan you may find that there are very limited free WiFi spots. You can get your own WiFi pocket device at the nearest store and return it at the airport.
Currency Exchange
Even if the yen’s exchange rate is low when you come to Japan, when you exchange your money at banks, they take a 20% handling fee. In 2016, we plan on increasing the number of our money exchange stores to 100 and create a drastic revision in exchange rates for the whole business industry.
We have designed a Japanese garden on the 7th floor inside a building where you can experience wearing a kimono, the Japanese tea ceremony, calligraphy and where our multilingual staff can provide you free advice and travel support.
Rental space
You can rent a room in WJS Ginza. Entertain your guests during your celebration parties in a sumptuous Japanese atmosphere.

Company’s Information

The shop nameWJS(Welcome Japan Support)Ginza main store
OpenFebruary 28, 2016
Operating companyTransit
Parent companyCorporation 7 Holdings
Location4F HANROKU Building, 2-1-2 Kabukicho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
PresidentTomohito Nashida