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Services offered by WJS Ginza

Travel support

  • Shop

    Gift japanese omiyage

    WJS staff carefully
    selected assortment of
    traditional Japanese souvenirs.


  • Money Exchange

    Currency exchange money japan

    At WJS,
    we offer the best rate in Japan
    and the cheapest handling charge. We also exchange coins of currencies we handle.


  • WiFi rental

    WiFi rental pocket japan

    The rank inn is
    made dominance of a visit to
    Japan visitor’s thinking inconveniently. Lack of the WiFi environment


Japanese culture experience

Culture experience and services list

At WJS Ginza, we offer a wide variety of Japanese culture experiences.

  • Calligraphy

    exchange wifi calligraphy,tea ceremony,Tokyo

    Learn the basics of Japanese
    characters writing with a professional
    calligraphy instructor.


  • Japanese tea ceremony

    Tea ceremony japanese

    In a Japanese-style room,
    learn the manners of the Ura-Senke
    tea ceremony from the Sensei and enjoy making your own tea.


  • Kimono

    DressingExperience kimono yukata japanese

    Dress in a kimono
    and take commemorative pictures
    in the Japanese garden.


  • Karate

    Karate japanese

    Experience Japanese martial arts by performing the movements and immersing yourself in the true way of Japanese Karate.


Why choose WJS Ginza ?

recommend-point1You want to plan a tour without having to worry about the weather.

recommend-point2You want to receive dignitaries from foreign countries
and show them Japanese hospitality.

recommend-point3You want to rent Wi-Fi or do money exchange.

If you need support during your travel,
come to WJS Ginza and we will assist you.

What is WJS Ginza ?

A lot of Japanese people as well as foreigners come to visit Ginza, Japan's luxurious shopping district every day.
However, there are no tour guides nor places where you can seek help in times of trouble. In order to provide tourists with a place to go to for sightseeing advice or even trouble consultation during their stay, we have chosen Ginza to be our first store location. Furthermore, we designed the store to resemble a real Japanese garden with private Japanese-style rooms where you can experience Japanese tea ceremony and calligraphy.The store also serves as a rest stop where you can have a free cup of tea, take a break from shopping, or simply take commemorative pictures and enjoy the atmosphere.
If you come to Ginza, feel free to drop by and visit WJS Ginza.

Our staff

Our staffs are multilingual and can support you during your trip and
give you advices in English, Cantonese, Mandarin, Malay, French, German,
and other languages.

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Events held at WJS Ginza, Japanese culture and etiquette, and other information will be posted.

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